———  Tailored For You Dream Salon Space  ———
Our brand's fundamental color scheme and core genes are the values, beliefs, and spiritual highlands of everyone; Green is not only the meticulous creation of a green product throughout its entire process, but also a responsibility and responsibility to employees, business partners, users, and society.

Provide Design Renderings
Simple, clean, and living in such a barber shop, it appears to have a temperament. The layout of the space is reasonable, and the product mix is novel. The combination of chairs and mirrors provides a larger salon space, increasing the functionality of the barber shop.
Designer Professional Customization
The design of a salon should not only have spiritual and visual beauty, but also meet the needs of modern reality. In this era of pursuing individuality, salon decoration design needs to consider deliberately seeking novelty while meeting business needs, so as to reflect the unique personality of our store.
Strict production process
From material selection, design to final assembly, there are many processes that need to go through. Mastering certain production techniques can make furniture more exquisite, and for consumers, they can purchase furniture with more unique taste and better quality.
After Sales Guarantee
We provide training to the project management team on progress, cost, procurement, contracts, quality, and safety in practical business applications based on customer needs, to enhance the management level of the enterprise and strengthen its core competitiveness.
We always envision being ahead so we create!

What you think, I can do it! Customize your own home for you!
The unique design concept of Nordic lifestyle breaks the limitations of custom
furniture and achieves full size furniture customization.
The design is simple and powerful, with modern architecture like sharp and smooth lines and the black leather surface has a good texture.
          ———  Design Style  Hair Salon  ———
The design style of a hair salon is very important, as it directly affects the overall image of the salon. The design styles of hair salons can be divided into various styles such as modern simplicity, European classical, and Chinese classical. Choose a suitable design style based on the positioning and business philosophy of the hair salon.
Application of Ergonomic Principles
304 Stainless Steel Material
Selected High-Quality Fabrics
Locker Series
Hair Chair
Shampoo Bed
Mirror Series
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